How to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

by | Aug 2, 2022

Your laptop keyboard is probably one of the dirtiest places on your computer. Not only do you eat and drink near it, but you also rest your hands on it while typing – transferring all sorts of oils and dirt from your fingers onto the keys.

Over time, this can lead to a build-up of grime that’s tough to remove without some help.

Here are a few tips for cleaning your laptop keyboard to stay looking and working like new.

1. Switch Off and Unplug Your Laptop

Before you start cleaning your keyboard, it’s essential to switch off your computer and unplug any attached cables. This will help prevent accidental damage from occurring while you’re working.

2. Use a Compressed Air Duster

Once your laptop is turned off and disconnected, take a compressed air duster and give the keyboard a good blast. This will help remove any loose dirt and debris accumulated on the keys.

3. Use a Soft Brush

If dirt is still on the keys, you can try using a soft brush to loosen it up. A toothbrush or makeup brush should do the trick. Gently brush the bristles over the keys in a circular motion until the dirt comes loose.

4. Pry the Keys Up

If dirt is firmly lodged under the keys, you may need to pry them up to reach them. Use a small screwdriver or a butter knife to carefully wedge under the edge of the key and lift it. Once the key is loose, you can use the brush or compressed air duster to clean out the area underneath.

5. Use a Cleaning Cloth

Once you’ve removed all the dirt and debris from the keyboard, you can use a cleaning cloth to wipe it down. Ensure the fabric is damp but not soaking wet – you don’t want to risk damaging the electronics inside the keys. Gently wipe down each key, taking care not to use too much pressure.

6. Let the Keyboard Dry

Once you’ve finished cleaning the keyboard, let it dry completely before plugging it back in and turning on your computer. If you have a laptop with a removable keyboard, you can also put it in the dishwasher (on the top rack) for a thorough clean – be sure to remove it before the drying cycle starts.

7. Replace the Keys

If any keys are damaged or missing, you may need to replace them. You can buy replacement keys from most computer stores or online retailers. Make sure you get the right keys for your model of laptop – they should be labeled with the correct key code.

With these tips, you should be able to keep your laptop keyboard clean and in good working order. Regular cleaning will help prolong the keyboard’s life and keep it looking new.

Tips to Keep Your Laptop’s Keyboard Clean

After cleaning your keyboard, you can take a few measures to keep it clean in the future. These tips include:

  • Invest in a dust cover.
  • Clean your keyboard regularly.
  • Be careful what you eat while using your laptop. 

Following these tips will help you keep your keyboard clean and prevent any long-term damage to your laptop.