7 Money Saving Cellphone Plan Hacks

by | Sep 3, 2022

Cellphone users are paying more money to stay connected. A 2014 study by Cowen and Company found that the average customer paid between $120 and $140 monthly. However, there are several ways to reduce this cost. If you want to know what they are, read on to find out.

Use data more efficiently

Using data more efficiently can help you lower your monthly bill significantly. Here is how:

Track your data usage: Tracking your data usage will enable you to know the apps that consume the most data and the ones that use data in the background. This will let you know how you can reduce your data usage. You can track your data usage using a third-party app, like Data Usage and My Data Manager VPN Security, or a built-in functionality on your Android device.

Use Wi-Fi when you can: Using Wi-Fi will significantly reduce your device’s data consumption. Hence, we recommend you use Wi-Fi when you are at home, at work, or any place with a reliable connection. Also, make calls over your Wi-Fi instead of your minutes.

Use mobile messaging apps: There are numerous messaging apps you can use to send a text with data like WhatsApp. These apps will help you avoid paying for unlimited texting.

Reduce your data limit

Go through your cell phone bills from the last few months to determine your average data usage and the number of calls and texts. If it is lower than your monthly plan, switch to a lesser plan with a lower cost.

For example, if you use 20GB monthly and you pay for 50GB, you need to switch to a plan that is closer to 20GB than 50GB.

Do away with an unlimited data plan

If you use up to 100GB monthly, you don’t have to ditch your unlimited plan. However, if you use a significantly less amount, switch to a metered plan, which is much cheaper.

Check out your employee or senior discounts

Confirm with your carrier or employer if you qualify for an employee or senior discount. A senior cell phone plan could help you save all the money you need.

Register for a family or shared plan

Most carriers offer a family or shared plan that allows you to share data, text, or minutes with other people, with whom you don’t have to be related. And this helps you save a lot of money.

Hence, consider merging your account with that of your partner, roommate, spouse, child, parent, or roommate.

Change to another carrier

Switching your carrier is another great way to save money. So, shop around to find a different carrier with better and cheaper options.

Many carriers provide their new customers with special deals. Hence, look out for the promotions each carrier offers and how long they last. Also, consider the amount you’ll pay once the promotion ends, and ascertain that it is cheaper than your current carrier.

However, check out the penalties you will incur if you cancel your contract and if the new carrier will cover for you before you proceed. Also, ensure that your cell phone will work with the new carrier.

Choose a prepaid or alternative carrier

The more popular cellphone carriers include AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. However, there are other numerous established prepaid carriers and a few new ones with cheap plans.

Check coverage maps and make research to determine reliability. Also, check whether your current carrier offers prepaid plans and the cost if they do.