Tips to Make a Smartphone Easier to Use for Senior Users

by | Sep 3, 2022

It’s 2022 and virtually everybody who can afford it has a smartphone. There is a simple reason for that: smartphones offer incredible value and can lead to improved quality of life.

Unfortunately, using a smartphone can be a bit of a challenge, especially for people who are either advanced in age. There are several reasons for this, including unfamiliarity with technology.

Fortunately, smartphone manufacturers take senior users into account when they are designing and manufacturing a smartphone. And with a few actions, you can make using a smartphone easier for your seniors.

Below, we provide tips on what to do.

Choose a bigger text

Elderly people have weak eyesight. As a result, they find it hard to read small texts. Consequently, when you increase the size of their smartphone’s display text, you make it easier for them to operate and navigate the device.

To increase text size on iPhones, go to Settings. Then, click on Accessibility followed by Display & Text size. Here, you will find several options of text size. Choose something your senior is comfortable with.

To increase text size on Android devices, visit Settings followed by Accessibility or Display, depending on the device you’re working on. Then, click on Text or Font size and effect the change you desire.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Unlike other demographics, seniors don’t have any use for a large percentage of smartphone applications. Yes, some of them experiment with TikTok and Snapchat. However, the majority of them do not care for these apps. In your quest to make using a smartphone easier for your seniors, we recommend you uninstall unnecessary apps.

Furthermore, clean up their home screen. Ensure only the most essential apps are present there. This singular action will make the device easier on the eyes. It will also ensure they can easily locate the apps they need.

Enlarge the on-screen keyboard

Another problem seniors regularly encounter with smartphone use is small on-screen keyboards. The bigger the keyboard size, the easier it is to type on and navigate the device.

To enlarge the on-screen keyboard size of iPhones, do the following:

Go to Settings, then Display & Brightness. Next, click on View and select the Zoomed option. Apart from the keyboard, this option will also enlarge other UI elements, including buttons and controls.

To enlarge the on-screen keyboard size of Android devices, do the following:

Start the keyboard on any app that uses it, such as Notepad, Docs, and Word. Tap the settings icon on the keyboard. Select Preferences in the window that shows up, followed by Keyboard height. Select any of Mid-tall, Tall, or Extra-tall, depending on the person’s preference.

Set up security

One thing you shouldn’t neglect when helping an elderly person set up their smartphone is security. One of the best features of smartphones is the fact that they enable us to congregate many useful and essential parts of our life in one place, including our finances. However, this also opens us to great risk as a single phone theft can lead to numerous, cascading problems. By setting up security on your senior’s smartphone, you can, at the very least, mitigate these problems.