The Best Summer Camping Sites

by | Sep 22, 2021

 Camping is a great way to enjoy summer, and it’s even better when you have the perfect place to do so. The best places for camping in summer are often full of beautiful scenery, fresh air, and all sorts of wildlife.

In this blog post, we discuss 5 different locations that we think are some of the best places to go camping during the summer season.

1. JOSHUA TREE National Park in California

The Joshua Tree National Park in California is one of the best summer camping sites for many reasons. First, it’s gorgeous thanks to its desert landscape and amazing scenery.

The park also has plenty of wildlife you can spot when out on your hike or campsite tour if you decide to go during the day instead of nighttime. These animals include coyotes, snakes, and lizards, as well as many types of birds.

Another great thing about this park is that you can go stargazing at night! The park has a special program for those who want to experience the beauty of the desert from afar with some telescopes set up along certain trails so people can have an amazing view.

2. SIUSLAW National Forest in Oregon

SIUSLAW National Forest is one of the most scenic and forested areas in North America. There are a plethora of trails that allow you access to waterfalls, lakes, and more.

This location features Cape Perpetua, which offers an amazing oceanfront view for an excellent camping ground. This wooded area is located near a beautiful river and offers outstanding views on all sides of your camping site. It’s surrounded by Sitka spruces and other ancient trees, and you’ll have excellent views everywhere.

You can go throughout the summer in Oregon since it has a temperate climate. This is a popular campground in June and July, so book ahead of time if possible.

3. ACADIA National Park in Maine

Maine is one of those special states that can be found on the East coast. Maine’s history and culture run deep through every corner, from its rocky coastline to mountain peaks like Mount Katahdin (the highest point in the state).

This iconic national park has bike paths, hiking trails, stunning beaches, and wooded camping areas. It has everything that makes summer so delightful. Acadia is a fantastic summer camping site, especially if you live on the East Coast.

The park’s eastern side is best suited to families, but the western side provides excellent camping options for seasoned campers who desire a little privacy.

4. COLORADO BEND State Park in Texas

Another perfect location for camping is the Colorado Bend, State Park. Not only does it have a lake, but also has great scenery and rustic cabins. These sites are in high demand so be sure to plan your trip in advance.

In terms of space, the Colorado Bend State Park is not as big as most of the other parks on this list. However, it’s the pinnacle of Texas camping because of the 5,000-acre of land and a river.

5. MARK TWAIN National Forest in Missouri

The Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri is a great place for camping. There are tons of trails and locations to set up camp or pitch your tent at. The view is gorgeous with the winding rivers, clear water, and lush green forests surrounding you in every direction.

It’s truly an experience that will make you feel like nature has surrounded you completely!


The best summer camping sites are a great way to beat the heat. There’s nothing better than being out in nature, breathing fresh air, and taking in everything around you.

These places give you that opportunity while still providing some comforts from home as well!