Theme Parks on a Budget: How to Have Fun and Save Money

by | Sep 24, 2021

Theme parks are a great way to enjoy some time with the family. They’re also quite expensive, which can put them out of reach for some families. If you want to have fun at the theme park without breaking your budget, here are some tips on how to do it!

Tips for Saving Money in Theme Parks

1. Plan Ahead

Have a plan of what you want to do before you go. Decide which rides are must-dos and know how much each ride costs ahead of time. Then, put together the amount that it will cost for your whole trip in advance so there won’t be any surprise expenses. Also, set up a budget for food.

2. Pack Your Snacks

Bring water bottles and snacks with you into the park so that you don’t have to pay ridiculous prices inside. This is especially important when it comes to places like Disneyland where there’s no way to escape buying overpriced items. But if done correctly, you can save quite a bit of money in other parks as well.

3. Avoid Rides with Height Restrictions

Avoid the rides that have height restrictions unless you are with children. Most of these attractions cost more to ride or require an additional fee for being taller than a certain height.

4. Spend Your Bucks Wisely

Do not buy souvenirs until the end of your trip. The amount that you spend on a few small things can really add up over time and it’s easy to forget about spending money when you’re having so much fun exploring all day long! You’ll probably find better deals at the gift shop than you would at the park entrance.

5. Bring Towels (Necessary for Water Packs)

If you’re going to a water park, pack your own towels and beach toys so that you don’t have to rent them while there. It’s not only cheaper but more convenient this way! You can also bring other things like sunscreen or floats if they aren’t sold at the park for a different price than what you can find at home.

6. Consider a Membership

Most parks have special deals for members of the military, first responders, and other local services. If you’re planning on visiting multiple times or live in the same city that your favorite theme park is located, then investing in membership will end up saving you money over time!

7. Visit the Parks During the Off-Season

Try to go on weekdays or during the off-season if you can help it because that’s when prices will be lower and lines will be shorter! It might seem more fun to visit a theme park over the weekend but in reality, most people aren’t working then. So, go on a weekday or off-season and it will be less crowded.

8. Be Aware of Special Events

Check online for any special events that are happening at the parks during your visit. Sometimes, these can change how much you pay to get in so make sure to check ahead before planning out your whole trip! Also, remember that some places have different prices for special events.

9. Exhaust All Deals and Discounts at Your Disposal

Make sure to check out any deals or coupons you have for your favorite parks. Many places will offer discounted tickets if bought in advance so it’s best to get them early. Also, many theme parks partner with other companies and businesses that provide discounts on food and rides!