Best Non-Toxic Indoor Plants for those with Pets

by | Oct 26, 2021

Pet owners know all too well that pets are a part of the family, and they want to provide for them just as much as any other member. However, there can be complications when purchasing plants for their home because some plants may not be non-toxic or safe if your pet decides to nibble on them. This blog post will go over which types of indoor plants are best for people with pets and what precautions should be taken when planting these in your home!

1. Ixora plant

The Ixora plant is a beautiful flowering houseplant that produces lovely bright red flowers and is easy to care for. It’s not an extremely common indoor plant, but it can be found at most home improvement stores and some garden centers. This non-toxic flower is excellent for those with pets because there are no poisonous effects on animals or humans if ingested, and the bright colors make it an excellent addition to any room! 

2. Pothos

Pothos plants have been used by ancient people in India who claim they purify the air around them. They also give off oxygen throughout the day, which makes them perfect for your bedroom when you need help getting to sleep or staying asleep through the night. These types of plants are very easy to take care of, so much so that they can even be found growing in train stations and other public areas. These plants are best for those with pets because there is no toxicity to animals or humans if ingested, but it’s still recommended to keep them out of reach just in case! 

3. Aloe

Aloes can come as houseplants, cacti, or succulents, depending on the variety you choose. All types will produce a healing gel when cut, which makes these great for burns from your pet or yourself throughout the year. They’re also very easy to grow indoors and require little attention while being able to add some bright pops of color into any room! This non-toxic plant is perfect for families who have dogs because there isn’t any toxicity if they do happen to try and eat one.

4. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are another common indoor plant that has been around for years, although it’s only recently become more popular in homes across the world. They come with beautiful white flowers, which can be used as cuttings to grow fresh new plants after blooming is finished! These types of houseplants produce oxygen throughout the day, so they’re great for bedrooms or living rooms where you may spend a lot of time during your home life. The peace lily is best suited for those who have cats because there isn’t any toxicity risk when ingested, but just like aloe, you should still keep it out of reach regardless! 

5. Rubber Plant

Rubber plants get their name from the sap produced as a defense mechanism to prevent plant-eating animals. This non-toxic houseplant has large leaves and can grow up towards the ceiling if you let it, but they’re still very easy to care for! It produces oxygen like most other indoor plants throughout the day, making this an excellent addition to any bedroom. This plant is safe for pets because there isn’t any toxicity risk when ingested, and the large leaves make it easy to spot if your pet does decide to chew on one! 

The Bottom Line

The safety of your pet should always come first when it comes to decorating your home! If you’re worried about the toxicity of any plant you wish to grow in your home, you should do some research before buying and planting them in your home.