5 Tips for Planning your First RV Camper Vacation

by | Aug 24, 2022

RVs are cheap, portable, flexible, and convenient travel options that allow you to experience more of the world without losing out on comfort or the feeling of home.

As a first-time RV camper, there are several things to consider when planning your RV camping vacation. 

This article provides a detailed guide that will help you to plan your first RV camper vacation efficiently.

Choose the best RV for your road trip

There are different types of RV, each of which has different designs, functionalities, and convenience levels. To choose the right RV for your vacation, you need to consider your family size and your required functionalities.

You want to avoid getting a too small RV home, if you have a large family, as this will mean being cramped and uncomfortable on your trip. You also want to avoid getting a too large RV as it may cause you to spend more on gas and RV parking fees.

Below are the different RV types and their peculiarities.

Class A: This RV type offers the biggest space and the most luxurious amenities for traveling on the road. It is perfect if you want to travel with a group of people for a significantly long period.

Class B: It offers more design and structure than space and luxury. It is the smallest RV type and is ideal for only two people who like to travel light. It is also best for short trips, like long weekend road trips.

Class C: This motorhome is family-friendly and designed to accommodate the needs of children. It offers a substantial amount of space and supports functionalities like a dining table, multiple single beds, and a fully functional bathroom.

Travel Trailer: Available in different models, sizes, and designs, travel trailers are constructed to be attached to a separate truck or car.

Other RV types are:

  • Sport utility trailer or toy hauler
  • Folding and tent trailer
  • Fifth wheel
  • Pop-up camper
  • Truck camper

Know your RV’s capabilities

It is important to understand that each RV has different capabilities. Some are designed for shorter trips while others are perfect for long-distance travel. Also, some are great for tarred roads, while others can be driven on rough tracks.

Being aware of your vehicle’s capabilities and limitations will help you to better plan your trip.

Plan your itinerary ahead of time

Having an itinerary will help you to make maximum use of your time on the road, especially if you are a first-time RV camper.

Consider the distance you want to travel and the amount of time you have to travel when planning your itinerary. Also, consider the interests of each member of your group to identify activities and attractions everyone will enjoy if you aren’t traveling alone.

Plan wisely

You need to pack wisely when traveling, especially in an RV. This is because you have limited space; hence, you need to optimize its usage.

Below are a few packing tips to make the most of your RV space.

  • Make a list of all the items you need, including food, water, first-aid kits, torchlights, and toolkits.
  • Rank them in order of importance
  • Make full use of your storage solutions to keep your belongings organized and tidy

Plan your route

You need to consider certain factors when planning your RV route. Some of them are:

The height of your RV: This will determine your travel route, based on the vehicle’s ability to go through tunnels and under bridges, overpasses, and thoroughfares.

The road type: Some RVs are not equipped for certain roads. Plan to go through roads that your RV can drive comfortably on.

Traffic rate: Don’t drive around major cities to avoid being caught in traffic.

Daytime travel: Daytime travels are safer than nighttime travel. Plan to travel during the day when it is light and you are less tired. Also, plan to arrive at your rest stop before dark.

Identify truck stops and gas stations: Map out gas stations and truck stops where you can refill on gas and your supplies on your trip. 


An RV camping vacation is an incredible experience, especially for a first-timer.

To make this trip exciting and memorable, you need to plan wisely and efficiently. This involves following the tips we provide above.