8 Money Saving Bathroom Remodeling Hacks

by | Aug 10, 2022

The bathroom is one of the few areas of the house homeowners love to remodel. However, it can be expensive.

Luckily, there are a few hacks you can employ to save money on your bathroom remodeling. Find them below!

Create a budget and a plan

One of the most effective ways of saving money on a bathroom redesign is to create a budget and stick to it.

Having a budget for your remodeling will enable you to easily assign specific amounts to the various aspects of the project. These include paint and décor, tile work, and new vanity.

Retain your bathroom’s size and layout

Changing your bathroom’s size and layout can be expensive as it involves moving or introducing new plumbing pipes. It also involves repositioning objects that are difficult to move, like your toilet discharge and sewer pipe.

Consequently, we advise you retain your bathroom’s size and layout.

Refinish bathroom elements

Avoid throwing away bathroom elements that can be repaired or refinished. For example, don’t remove and replace existing plumbing items and tubs or shower bases. Instead, repair them, if damaged, or refinish them with an attractive, protective coating.

This is because removing and replacing these items are often expensive. But more than these, you may need to pay for demolition, construction changes, and the installation of new elements.

Carefully choose your flooring

Your bathroom’s floor type impacts the appearance and cost of renovation.

If you are on a tight budget, go for vinyl or laminate floorings. If you don’t mind spending more money, buy ceramic or porcelain tiles as they are attractive and durable.

Retain the electrical circuits

Remodeled bathrooms often require wiring upgrades as the current wiring may not meet the present electrical code standards.

If your bathroom wiring works after remodeling, your local permitting office may tell you if your electrical circuits can be maintained. If it can’t, you have to make certain changes to it. This may involve replacing non-grounded electrical outlets with a ground-fault current interpreter (or GCFI).

However, retain your electrical wiring if it is safe and satisfies your needs.

Use a prefabricated shower or bathtub

Custom tiles are expensive bathroom improvement

s, compared to pre-fabricated tile walls. As a result, you want to use the pre-fabricated, one-piece shower tub and wall as it helps you to save money. Also, pre-fabricated shower stalls can be installed within hours, whereas tiled showers require several days.

Use a standard-type toilet

Toilets don’t have to be expensive to function effectively. As long as it offers good flushing performance with little water, it is good enough for your toilet.

Hence, choose a simple, well-designed toilet you can easily install without hiring a plumber.

Use shelves instead of cabinets

Cabinets and shelves serve the same function, although the former is more expensive.

For this reason, you want to opt for shelves instead of cabinets as they serve the same function.

Apart from their storage function, shelves also serve decorative functions as they help to display décor items like vases and pottery.

Bathroom remodels are expensive. However, adhering to the tips above will help you to spend less than you planned.